Like so many other things in our culture America leads the way. Trends in wedding photography are no exception. Trashing the dress or drown the grown takes the elegant bridal gown (and the elegant bride) out of its natural environment of the tranquil church or the stylish reception and transports it to a location where wedding gowns are not generally worn for the purposes of photographic image making. Adrian Downing of Kensa Photography has been rocking the frock in Cornwall for quite some time as you can see from the images below.   The results are sexy, edgy, daring and definitely not your average wedding imagery. Trashing the dress takes place after the big day of course and requires a very adventurous bride. So instead of wrapping the dress in plastic and hoping that your daughter may wear it in 20 yrs time take it out for one last fling and love it all over again. For your good time, contact us here!